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Everything you need for better check cashing and new revenue growth all one place. 

Grow Revenue

Check cashing is a great way to add new revenue streams for your business.

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Want to add new revenue to your business? Become a MSB and cash checks, perform wire transfers and more.

Full Risk Mitigation

VCASH has a stringent risk mitigation application to control losses and fraud.

VCASH sets itself apart from other check chasing software with stringent risk mitigation features to control losses and generate more revenue.

Easy Reporting & Interface

VCASH uses our RCS dashboard for a stylish and intuitive reporting interface.

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Want reports on check processing fees? or how many wire transfers daily and more? VCASH has reporting covered.

Control Losses and Enjoy More Profits.

V-CASH doesn’t just take a check and let you know who the customer is, it builds a configurable process and structure that can change based upon time of year. I.E. – It’s tax season and your customers want to cash government refunds and the normal cashier limit is low. V-CASH’s risk mitigation system provides you flexibility and the right level of configurable controls based around the customer, the check maker, transaction dollar amount and the teller.

Check Cashing Software with Flexibility and Risk Control.

V-CASH sets itself apart from other check cashing software with its stringent risk mitigation features allowing your business to enter the financial services industry without the fear of losses and compliance regulations that might be holding you back from new revenue streams.

Flexibility and Control

V-Cash is an all-in-one solution with all the options you need to process, grow and structure your financial services offerings. Bill pay, money order purchases, check cashing and wire transfers. Our complete point-of-sale, transaction management and check cashing features turn your store into a mini bank complete with check guarantee.

Supported Hardware:

VCASH supports:

  • All Cash Dispensers
  • All ID Readers
  • Check Scanners
  • Cash Drawer
  • Receipt Printers
  • Webcams

Other Benefits

VCASH captures a check image for easy archiving and history as it is cashed. Track history and reduce your risk by searching and setting parameters on Customers, Check Makers, Transaction Dollar Amount and Check. VCASH also brings you a new risk mitigation management platform integrated into the solution. VCASH also includes comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  • Flexible Applications for:

    • Check Cashing with Check Guarantee
    • ATM withdrawals

    • Credit Card Cash Advances

    • Bill Pay

    • Money Order

    • Wire Transfer