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Welcome to a new era of merchant services consulting where we take technology, products and solutions to give business owners an executive-level merchant services experience. With extensive experience in payment processing we know how to transform your business to handle all your electronic payment needs while saving money.


Merchant Services Consulting

First Touch Payments Solutions’ Merchant Services Consulting gives businesses peace of mind by letting the experts focus on payment processing letting you focus more on your business.


Dispute Management Services help businesses get ahead of chargebacks from the start.

First Touch Payment Solutions Dispute Management Services help businesses by providing monthly reports on active and closed chargebacks, active and closed retrievals, financial impacts of chargebacks/disputes and settlement adjustments. As part of our service we can we will provide proactive monitoring of incoming disputes, diligently pursue appropriate documentation from the physical location, present receipt or proof of purchase to processor, work with third party processors to ensure timely closure of disputes and ensure refund if there is a financial impact.

Interchange Management Services give you monthly reporting on cost of fees and more.

Interchange Management Services help businesses by providing monthly reporting that will show cost of fees, downgrades, financial impact of downgrades, interchange and cost of fees and savings opportunities. As part of our service we will provide compliance support all contracts, document all discrepancies, pursue daily downgrades by location and industry, train merchants on card association rules pertaining to best interchange qualification, provide resolution of revenue impacting issues, present best practices to prevent downgrades at the point-of-sale and work with third parties to rectify discrepancies and gain refunds. Our Red Carpet Software gives businesses a comprehensive look at information and key data allowing you to quickly make decisions pinpointing potential areas to reduce cost. Efficiently manage downgrades, interchange, processing fees and effective rates.

Settlement & Reconciliation Services save you time and headache of reconciling payments.

First Touch Payment Solutions Settlement and Reconciliation Services help businesses by providing monthly reports on all electronic payment sales, fees and deposits. Other monthly reports we can provide are location summaries, fee and interchange reports and third party card type fees and deposit reconciliation. As part of our service we can take in merchant bank statements to reconcile fees with actual deposit. FTPS can also provide accountability and reporting to show reconciliation and train merchant operations on how to reconcile using our Red Carpet Software reports versus current existing processing websites. Our Red Carpet Software can help provide end-to-end reconciliation of payments through actual bank deposits, which means no more manual reconciliation from processors to banks.

Payment Services Consulting conducts analysis of your entire payment portfolio.

Consulting Services help businesses by conducting detailed business analysis of their entire payment portfolio. During this discovery process FTPS will develop and short and long term plan for businesses to achieve their processing transaction goals. As part of our service we will provide equipment integration, hardware and software upgrades, adding/canceling electronic payments, assist with PCI compliance, share best practices for processing payments, be a one source contact for all electronic payments, negotiate contracts for processing procurement, manage any third party vendors, train merchant operations how to reconcile using multi-level processors, recommend products and services to maximize all available revenue opportunities and customize reporting to manage electronic payment portfolio.

The Red Carpet Software Suite

Payments Simplified.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Manage your merchant account and view all of your payment processing data in one place. It’s payment processing, simplified. Uncover a whole new side to your business with Red Carpet Software. Transform your current payment processing data into valuable insights —helping you better understand and grow your business. Morph your current payments strategy from the power of many into the form of one.