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Everything you need for simple payment management in one place. 

All Processor & Payment Types

RCS presents check, credit, debit, other payment types and all processor types.

All card types, gift cards, loyalty cards, card processors, checks and other e-payment types are accepted with the Red Carpet Software system.

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Easy Reporting & Interface

RCS presents information via highly a highly intuitive dashboard-style interface.

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Get a comprehensive, user-specific exception management and resolution engine with all the reports and business intelligence data it offers.

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Powerful Automation

Eliminate the pain of reconciliation from multiple payment streams.

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Eliminate the pain of reconciliation from multiple payment streams. Reconcile across all touch points.

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Actionable Analytics

Track every fee, every card type, every processor and know where every transaction is.

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Know exactly where your money is by tracking all transactions, transaction codes, fees and other data for actionable analytics.

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Quicker Transaction Dispute Resolution

Reduce time fulfilling chargebacks and transaction disputes.

Dispute Fraud Mitigation automates this process while reducing this financially impacting payments issue.
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Easy Implementation

No need to involve your IT Department. Built with resource constraints in mind.

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IT Departments are stretched. Why wait on them to get implemented. We do all the heavy lifting.

Alerts & Notifications

Woven throughout RCS. Get notifications on all financial impacting issues.

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Exemption reporting is typical in today’s financial environment what if you can do that realtime? Get alerts and notifications throughout RCS.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Get the best by using the best. We use the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud database.

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Red Carpet Software sits on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for the best performance and most confident and secure database platform on the market today.

ballsfoodslogo“Red Carpet is going to allow us to get a closer handle on our credit card costs and fees, at a much better value to our company. We like the ability to research and query information when needed to help answer questions about specific transactions. Their dashboard is easy to use – very customer friendly.”