Press Release: Meet Red Carpet Software – Manage Accepting Payments Better!

By March 30, 2016 October 9th, 2017 Press Releases

Meet Red Carpet SoftwareAccepting payments more efficiently can unleash tremendous savings straight to the bottom line.

MEMPHIS, TENN. – MARCH 15, 2016 – First Touch Payment Solutions is inviting merchants of all shapes and sizes to “Meet Red Carpet Software”. Their latest video shows how to transform your business a single move by monitoring swipe fees, reconciling easily and effectively and controlling all aspects of your payments portfolio. Red Carpet Software has something for every merchant, no matter the size, who want to take all their disparate systems in their payment portfolio and put them all together in one easy to use dashboard. It is time to manage the cost of accepting payments better and Red Carpet Software is a new for merchants to accomplish this more efficiently and send savings straight to their bottom line.

Red Carpet Software is available right now and you can learn more at their website by downloading a white paper, view a demo video and even request a meeting with a salesperson.

First Touch Payment Solutions built Red Carpet Software after working with a variety of companies across multiple industries such as Petroleum/C-Store, Retail, Grocery and Healthcare says, Don Kesner, Director of Product Solutions,

“We took time to understand the exact pain points they had in accepting payments within their organization. All the different systems, reports and people involved differ across the size and type of organization but the one thing they have in common is they all want to reduce the expense and resources involved. With so much disparity and the many players in the chain combined with complex statements it makes it hard to do that. We take the hard work out of the equation making accepting payments easier and more efficient.”

One of these companies is Balls Food Stores, a 28-store grocery chain, based in Kansas City, Kansas. Mike Beal, Chief Operating Officer, felt that Red Carpet Software was exactly what they were looking for and saw value in the application right away.

According to Beal,

“Red Carpet is going to allow us to get a closer handle on our credit card costs and fees, at a much better value to our company. We like the ability to research and query information when needed to help answer questions about specific transactions. Their dashboard is easy to use – very customer friendly.”

Red Carpet Software takes feeds from all the disparate systems in your payments chain and compiles them into one easy to use dashboard that provides singular reporting and analytics to reduce cost, mitigate risk and lower expenses. Swipe fees, dispute management, reconciliation have never been easier.

The tool is broken into 5 main silos. One of the silos, Reconciliation Management, allows businesses the ability to automate their reconciliation process from POS-to-Processor-to-Bank. Matched settlement files are instantly reconciled leaving you only with records that requires investigation. The Dispute Management silo gives businesses the ability to reconcile and fulfill retrievals and chargebacks to avoid and pursue any costly impacts to their business. Woven throughout the tool are alert and monitoring capabilities that give users actionable tasks to complete creating instant accountability and proactive management. The cost analysis silo gives any organization proactive management of interchange qualification fees, downgrades and effective rates. Effective rate is the most important way senior leadership can micromanage their business from a cost analysis perspective. Users get immediate feedback on cost by payment type and the ability to identify issues in real-time. Extra add-ons to the tool are sales trending analytics and full back office interface integration. Bundled with the sale of Red Carpet Software is a remote deposit capture solution, giving users the ability make check deposits from anywhere. Checks are scanned at the merchant’s business and transmitted over a secure line for processing at your bank and allowing quicker access to funds.

ABOUT FIRST TOUCH PAYMENT SOLUTIONS – First Touch Payment Solutions, founded in 2009, is a leading independent software vendor and provider of technology services that help merchants across the U.S., from small, mid-sized to large businesses, with integrated software applications to manage their payments more effectively and efficiently, saving time and money. Their flagship product, Red Carpet Software, helps merchants by taking from all the disparate systems in their payments chain and putting the data into one place for easy reporting and crucial cost analytics. Go to to read more and also follow on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.