Press Release: First Touch Payment Solutions Announces New Red Carpet Software Release 3.2

By April 1, 2015 October 9th, 2017 Press Releases


MEMPHIS, TENN. – April 1, 2015 – First Touch Payment Solutions is releasing an updated version of the Red Carpet Software suite’s merchant dashboard. The new release contains a brand new look for the main dashboard view allowing users a brand new interface for all their payments data.

“The great thing about this new dashboard look is that it has all the important information right in one place so CFOs and other business executives and leaders can get the top information without drilling down to the details,” says Don Kesner, Director of Product Solutions, First Touch Payment Solutions.

Red Carpet Software is a comprehensive, executive level payments dashboard suite that is revolutionizing how merchants, financial institutions, businesses and organizations handle their electronic payments enterprise wide. Gone are the days of manual reconciliation, paper statements, and dispute notifications coming via direct mail. Welcome to a brand new day of having the power of many all in the form of one.

Red Carpet Software – Merchant Dashboard: New Features

The release 3.2 update delivers top-line user-requested features, including:

  • Brand New Main Dashboard GUI: Experience a whole new look and feel with an updated main dashboard allowing for the most important, high-level payments information right at your fingertips.
    • Alerts: Know the number of alerts outstanding.
    • Swipe Fees: Get the $ dollar amount of swipe fees you are paying.
    • Blended Effective Rate: Your blended effective rate is number is now front and center.
    • Average Ticket: Want to know your average ticket across all locations? This shows you this number right away.
    • Active Events: Want to know the users and events that are set-up in the system without searching? Now you can. See this right on the main dashboard easily.
    • Location Health: Want to know which locations are at risk with higher effective rates? We show you the location health complete with a sliding health meter for easy, visual reporting.
    • Locations Map: Want to easily drill down to a location quickly? Just click on the right spot on our location map and bring up the correct location information.
  • Self Service Account Maintenance: Internal and external users now have the ability to manage their passwords
  • POS Reconciliation: Previous releases only allowed for automated reconciliation from processor to bank but now Red Carpet Software gives you the ability to have full end-to-end reconciliation from POS to Processor and Processor to Bank.
    • The Settlement Silo has also been enhanced to show an out of balance location and separate which piece of the transaction is out of balance: The POS to Processor? Or Processor to Bank. So you know exactly where to look.
  • Virtual Deposit End-to-End: Allows checks to be included as another payment type within the dashboard.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Red Carpet Software – Merchant Dashboard: Main Features and Silos

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Manage your merchant account and view all of your payment processing data in one place. It’s payment processing, simplified. Uncover a whole new side to your business with Red Carpet Software. Transform your current payment processing data into valuable insights —helping you better understand and grow your business. Morph your current payments strategy from the power of many into the form of one.

  • Impacting Alerts: Always be the first to know. Receive instant alerts and notifications when a chargeback is filed, a store is out of balance, there is any other financially impacting issue, and more.
  • Reconciliation Automation: Automate your reconciliation process and turn 2 hours per location into 15 minutes.
  • Cost Management: Want to know what your swipe fees are? Effective rate? Save money processing? This silo gives you all the information to manage processing costs for all your locations.
  • Sales Trending: Why not get all your sales trending data in once place?
  • Dispute Manager: Disputes are nasty ways of life for processing credit and debit cards. Manage and automate this process within this silo.
  • Easy Access: Responsive design and cloud-based data management allows you the ability to access Red Carpet Software from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Price and Availability

If you are interested in purchasing Red Carpet Software or are in need of further information, please visit our product page here.

About First Touch Payment Solutions

First Touch Payment Solutions is a leading, processor-agnostic, provider of technology services that helps merchants and financial institutions across the U.S., from small and mid-sized businesses, with back office software applications to manage their payments effectively and efficiently saving time and money.

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