First Touch Payment Solutions Launches Processor-Agnostic Payments Data Management Tool

By July 7, 2014 October 9th, 2017 Press Releases

MEMPHIS, TENN. – July 7, 2014 – First Touch Payment Solutions, a rapidly growing payments technology company founded in 2009, has introduced Red Carpet Software, a robust payments reporting and management solution that small and mid-size businesses can use for all their payment management needs.

“We have developed an amazing and robust enterprise dashboard application that CFOs, CEOs and their teams can use to generate insights and actionable data around their payments data. They can resolve all the major pain points associated with accepting electronic forms of payment and have more time to devote to other aspects of running their business successfully,” said David Garavelli, Chief Operating Officer, First Touch Payment Solutions.

First Touch Payment Solutions customers can now eliminate that cost of doing business mentality surrounded by accepting electronic forms of payments for their customers. Red Carpet Software lets senior leadership make the most of powerful electronic payment data management techniques – without the steep learning curve that hobbles finance teams using systems and processes at once. Dispute Management, settlement and reconciliation, cost management, sales trending; these aren’t just fancy words; they’re featured silos integrated into the Red Carpet Software platform so you can develop and accelerate your electronic payment portfolio management practices all in one place.

Reconciliation Management allows businesses the ability to automate their reconciliation process for payments. This silo of the software allows for them to turn what used to be a 2 hour task into a 15 minute one. Matched settlement files are instantly reconciled leaving you only with records that require investigation. The Dispute Management silo gives businesses the ability to reconcile retrievals and chargebacks to avoid any costly impact, even “friendly fraud”, when a consumer makes a purchase with their own credit card and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services. This silo also takes a timely manual process and automates it. Woven throughout the tool is alerts and monitoring capabilities that give users actionable tasks to complete within the application creating instant accountability while proactively managing their payments efficiently and easily. The cost management silo gives senior leadership proactive management of interchange qualification fees, downgrades and effective rates. Effective rate is the most important way senior leadership can micromanage their business from a cost analysis perspective. Users can now get immediate feedback on cost by payment type and the ability to identify issues in real time. Extra add-ons to the tool are sales trending analytics, full back office inter face integration and remote deposit capture integration.


About First Touch Payments Solutions – FTPS, is a rapidly growing payments technology company founded in 2009. We offer a suite of solutions focused on the ever-evolving needs of merchants accepting credit, debit, check, gift cards, and loyalty transactions. We support businesses with processor-agnostic solutions that improve their electronic payment processing. Reducing rates, scope and burdens. Today, FTPS, maintains many innovative solutions to help merchants accept and manage their electronic payments. Key solutions we offer are Red Carpet Software, Back Office Interface and Remote Deposit Capture giving full, flexible, robust in-house solutions to streamline end-to-end payments management and generate insight up and down the electronic payment stream. FTPS offers robust solutions and dedicated service and support for companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

Kevin Coll