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First Touch Payment Solutions will help lower your swipe fees and transform your payments portfolio with this new treasury management tool for finance executives.

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First Touch Payment Solutions is a leading processor-agnostic provider of technology services that help merchants across the U.S., from small to mid-sized businesses, with back office software applications to manage their payments effectively and efficiently, saving time and money.

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The Red Carpet Software Suite delivers a ground-breaking new capability for executives and their finance teams to dramatically reduce their interchange expenses, electronic payment processing charges and swipe fees. Gone are the days of treating merchant processing expenses as a fixed cost or an uncontrollable process that prevents proactive measures. Red Carpet Software will innovate new business processes withing your company allowing for proactive expense control, chargeback fraud mitigation, daily automated reconciliation and more.

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Red Carpet is going to allow us to get a closer handle on our credit card costs and fees, at a much better value to our company. We like the ability to research and query information when needed to help answer questions about specific transactions. Their dashboard is easy to use – very customer friendly.

– Mike Beal, Chief Operating Officer